Interim Show
Febuary 10th 2020
Art Department
Installation/video piece with zines 

This work was born from a need to shift perspective. Until this point my work was predominantly performative accompanied by pieces constructed for performances; zines, textiles ect. I was motivated to change medium and find an alternative that would allow a greater deal more control over the emotions and narratives, as well as the beats at which they are invoked, which I had been struggling to find in my pieces upon viewing their playback. I saw video works as a great alternative as it still allows a certain degree of personal embodiment which I wished to retain from my previous performances. On top of this the editing process allows for playful experimentation with the flow, tone and texture of the work which gives me an immediate emotional feedback on the direction the pieces to going. But audio video are not the only elements present in the work for featured both physically in the space and phantasmally in the video are stained glass kaleidoscopes. Initially made exclusively for their effect as a feature in the video (as I don’t know how to make effects digitally), I found their aesthetic as an object synchronous with the language and themes at play in the video and decided to experiment with them in the space. Looking like some ancient alchemical artifact, or some antediluvian astronomers’ device of unknow utility I suspended them from the ceiling with small flashlights so the curious could find out for themselves what magic they have to share.