This piece was made for my interim installation and took the physical form of an A5 folded booklet and was displayed upon an alter, overlooking the main installation area
(A space designated by glasswork kaleidoscopes suspended in the air,  framing a video projection and tied together with a floorwork tapestry).
 The intention of this zine was to provide a physical manifestation of the main themes explored in the piece, that being the synergy between syntactical Magick described in myths and legends and attaining such abilities in the ecstatic state. The zine is comprised from scans of a grimoire taken from my personal collection detailing the steps needed to active Magick ritual. Many of the instruction necessary for activation of the Magick, including words and chants, as well as the results of the Magick I have censored. I have done so because not all Magick is positive and many can be used to bring harm to others, something I wished to avoid.  

Like all of my zines you are free to download them and spread them amongst those who might find them interesting.