Cave Walls 
House living room
March 2020
Installation/ painting/ technique exploration

An exploration in technique and action empathy I sought to resonate and synergies with our ancestor shamans by using the same methods utilised to create the great cave works of Europe and Africa. Inspired by the revelatory conclusions reached by David Lewis-Williams in The Mind in the Cave an archeo-anthropological study into cave art. Simply; Williams found most if not all cave works included elements created in, for or because of ecstatic states of consciousness on the part of their contemporaries. Attempting connection with these ecstatic’s I used their techniques and found the breath and force required to effectively cover the walls in pigment, if kept at a consistent pace, would propel one to an altered state. One can only imagine what these methods would do to an individual already in deep psychedelic reverie. Very satisfying, very therapeutic, extremely humbling and connecting.  

 Techniques and materials include a cup of pigment and two hollow bird bones (in my case hollowed bic pens). With one bone “straw” placed in the pigment angled towards the desired spray zone and the other pointed to the end of the pigment “straw”. This would be blown through and creating a vortex in the pigment “straw” bringing up the pigment to the top and throwing it into the air like a spray can.