Mushroom Zine

October 25th 2019
Week 5 exhibition. 

Mushroom zine (in collaboration with Seed zine) were an experiment in information dispersal for  my niche and esoteric knowledge of lesser known hallucinogens. The zine format is a perfect vessel for the obsessive yet informative intents; 1. I wished to make people aware of psychedelics which are more accessible than LSD or DMT. 2. I wished to provide the reader with at least a little background history or context for these lesser known psychedelics. 3. I wished to provide clear and safe guidelines for the consumption, use and preparation of the substances to enable harm reduction. 4. I wanted to start a conversation around the subject, and so I left further readings and book recommendations at the end for those that expressed interest.

These zines where presented with a brief introduction given by myself as well as a “show and tell” like presentation of the substances discussed in the zines.

Like all of my zines you are free to download them and spread them amongst those who might find them interesting.